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The year women became eligible to vote in each country

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Latest Activism

KLM Airlines facing backlash after asking breastfeeding woman to cover up

These new female urinals could be a game changer for festivalgoers

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633 divers join forces in record-breaking ocean cleanup

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Naked bike rides are happening around the world this weekend for a great cause

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These badass women are teaching skateboarding to migrant children to let them be kids again

These services allow travelers to give back to the places they visit in big ways

This Utah family has saved over 100 rescue dogs through dog sledding

This woman is on a four-year trek around the UK and Ireland

People are cleaning up beaches and parks for the #trashtag challenge

How baking is helping me empower women around the world

How Rwanda’s mandatory community work day made Kigali the cleanest city in Africa

The Dream Lights project is bringing light to Malawian students with no access to electricity

Hawaii considers increasing legal smoking age to 100

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