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The 7 tech innovations that most impacted travel in 2016 (+2 arriving in 2017)

by Ana Bulnes

My Snapchat has recently been blowing up. Here’s how I made it happen

by Alicia Drewnicki

25 apps for digital nomads

by Kristyna Zapletalova

I crashed my drone into a river in Panama

by Blaze Nowara

You’re supporting child labor by having a smartphone. Here’s how.

by Ana Bulnes

Australia is betting your smartphone can save you from shark attacks

by Allison Jackson

This is how Facebook helps Syrian refugees get to Europe

by Riham Kusa

Social media makes us sad — but whose fault is that?

by Kae Lani Kennedy

Mobile technology for Muslims is changing faith in Indonesia

by Riikka Haikarainen

In the drone race, Europe is killin’ it

by Paul Ames

GoPro is making a drone

by Joshywashington

Racing drones through a forest feels like a scene out of ‘Star Wars’

by Matt Hershberger

22 iPhone tricks for travelers you won’t believe you didn’t know about

by Joe Batruny

7 awesome smartphone photography hacks

by Matt Hershberger

What travel has become in the age of smartphones

by Leslie Finlay

4 creative and inspiring ways people are using drones

by Matt Hershberger

7 ways the new Apple Watch will make your life easier as a traveler

by Tom Reynolds

Combat food waste with this new app

by Emma Thieme
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