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Many in the Matador community have worked as an English teacher abroad. The demand for English instruction in basically every part of the non-English-speaking world is so high that ESL has become one of the most popular conduits through which travelers can experience working and living in a foreign country.

Matador has produced content on everything from how to go about researching and applying for a teaching gig, to tips for smooth in-class performance, to how to handle a student’s crush. Check below for what we’ve got.

ESL Teaching Articles

6 things I stopped giving a sh*t about after teaching English abroad

by Sandra Guedes

6 things I stopped giving a sh*t about when I taught English abroad

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by Emily Hansen

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by Amanda Meyers

18 scenic places to teach ESL

by Michelle Schusterman

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by Amy Scheiner

5 challenges of teaching English in South Africa (and 3 things that make it all worth it)

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by Marie King

5 challenges you’ll face as an English teacher in China

by Seth Barham

6 reasons not to work at a Korean hagwon

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8 challenges for today’s ESL teachers (and how to handle them)

by Turner Wright
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