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MatadorU students — both active and alumni of our writing, photography, or filmmaking programs — are becoming the go-to contributors for media outlets, DMOs, and tourism boards around the world. From diverse publication records to prestigious awards, their accomplishments in travel journalism continue to inspire the next generation of writers, photographers, filmmakers, and travelers.

Student Work Articles

5 uncomfortable truths about living in Hawaii

by LiAnne Yu

The 17 funniest expressions in Swedish (and how to use them)

by Madelaine Triebe

The 20 funniest Portuguese expressions (and how to use them)

by Sandra Guedes

The 26 funniest expressions in Lithuania (and how to use them)

by Ieva Ivanauskaitė

It’s not summer in Tennessee until these 11 things happen

by Andrew Baker

13 things everyone from SoCal takes for granted

by Paige Smith

9 things everyone from Denver takes for granted

by Tim Wenger

The 10 best breweries in Wisconsin

by Samantha Bilkey

Hook yourself up with a last-minute flight upgrade with this new app

by Laura Veariel

30 Instagrammers promoting unconventional travel that you can relate to

by Sarah de los Cobos

What NOT to do in Memphis

by Lauren Hom

10 differences between a Swedish boyfriend and a normal boyfriend

by Madelaine Triebe

Dear travellers to the United Kingdom: Here are 9 things you need to understand before you come here

by Lauren Williams

35 things you’ll never hear a New Zealander say

by Elen Turner

18 signs you were born and raised in Minneapolis

by Alethea Alden

Dear travelers to Tennessee. Please don’t visit until you understand these 11 things

by Shannon Dell

20 signs you learned to drink in Mammoth Lakes, California

by Carrie Pritchard

9 things I learned by falling in love with a Spaniard

by Dayana Aleksandrova
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