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Insta-famous ‘Russia’s Maldives’ is a dump for nearby coal plant waste

Russian volcano erupts for the first time in 95 years and astronauts captured the moment from space

Thousands of fireflies will light up the Great Smoky Mountains next month

Texas is having its biggest bluebonnet bloom in a decade

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Alaska is the sustainable fishing model the world needs

Researchers say a man-made snow storm on Antarctica could halt rising sea levels

New Zealand’s rarest parakeet just got an epic population boost

Study says Florida heat will be ‘life-threatening’ by 2036

Giraffes are facing extinction with yet another subspecies declared endangered

No need to panic, Mississippi’s Gulf Coast beaches are actually still open

11 hotels where you can ethically play with animals

A massive five-foot jellyfish was spotted off the coast of England

Forget Houston. Flagstaff, Arizona, is actually the lunar capital of America.

You can swim through a terrifying wall of sharks in French Polynesia

Manta ray asks diver for help in incredible video

This train brings you into the Nevada desert for world-class stargazing

Beijing wants to use renewable energy to power the 2022 Winter Olympics. Here’s how they might pull it off.

Japan’s Nara deer are dying from eating tourists’ trash

Insta-famous ‘Russia’s Maldives’ is a dump for nearby coal plant waste

Experts prove that planting trees is our best chance at fighting climate change

Paris to ban tour buses from city center

Rescued neon orange bird turns out to be a seagull covered in spices

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