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Latest Astronomy + Space

A full Pink Moon will be visible this Friday

This is the first-ever photo of a black hole

Tonight is the last time a Super Worm Moon will coincide with the Spring Equinox in your lifetime

NASA cancels the first all-female spacewalk due to lack of women’s spacesuits

The northern lights will be visible over the US tonight

Next week’s Super Snow Moon will be the biggest and brightest of 2019

NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover dies with a final, tear-jerking message

An epic total lunar eclipse is coming to the US this month

White Christmas on Mars: ESA releases new photos of massive ice crater

This Alaskan northern lights train journey is the real-life Polar Express

You can sleep in igloos under the northern lights in Greenland

The brightest meteor shower of the year is almost here

Experience the northern lights from a private jet in Canada

Today is Dark Matter Day, science’s version of Halloween

This man’s grave is over four billion miles from Earth

A spooky, skull-shaped “death comet” to fly by Earth after Halloween

The incredible Orionid meteor shower will be visible later this month

Celebrate the arrival of fall with the super bright Harvest Moon

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