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How Sonoma became America’s most sustainable wine region

Bali’s beach pollution is getting out of hand. Here’s what you can do.

Justin Trudeau pledges that Canada will ban single-use plastics by 2021

Ikea to use ‘mushroom packaging’ that will decompose in weeks

How to have an ethical camel-riding experience

German circus replaces real animals with holograms for a mind-blowing, ethical spectacle

How frequent flyers can offset their flight emissions

Banana leaves are replacing plastic packaging in Asian supermarkets

A look inside the world’s smallest McDonald’s for bees

This map shows everywhere single-use plastics are banned

Germany introduces ‘electric highways’ which charge trucks on-the-go

Proposed airport near Machu Picchu sparks outrage

Capri will fine tourists $560 for bringing single-use plastics on the island

How to have an ethical wildlife experience in Thailand

The Florida Keys are leading the charge on sustainable wildlife tourism in the US

Singapore wants to build giant floating rafts to house its rising population

Amsterdam to ban all gas-powered vehicles from the city by 2030

Flying mountain goats through the sky to save a national park

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