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Latest Wildlife

Forget the Jeep. Walking safaris are the best way to see Africa’s wilderness.

Berlin Zoo releases adorable photos of the first German panda twins

220 pounds of trash found inside dead whale in Scotland

Malaysia’s last Sumatran rhino just died

Donkeys face population collapse as demand for Chinese medicine rises

Ecuador’s highlands are full of rare plants and animals you need to see

South Atlantic humpback whales are back from the edge of extinction

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat bans elephant riding

India is the best place to see tigers in the wild, thanks to conservation efforts

Spotting elephants and lionesses in Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park

600 elephants in Zimbabwe are being moved to safety due to severe drought

‘The Whale’ is a poetic new attraction for nature lovers in Arctic Norway

A rare purebred dingo was found in Australia, and could help save the species

Switzerland relaxes ibex trophy hunting rules, stirring controversy

A tourist in French Polynesia lost both hands in a rare shark attack

Catch the thrill of the Old West at South Dakota’s annual bison roundup

Several sightings of the extinct Tasmanian tiger have been reported in Australia

The 7 best spots in the world for dolphin watching

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