Matador quizzes are a fun way to learn about the world and probably a little bit about yourself as well. We strive to produce quizzes that make you think and laugh, while encouraging you to explore the world and start planning your next adventure. From Which City Should You Travel to Next? to Which Classic Cocktail Best Fits Your Personality?, we’ve got our full list of quizzes below ready for you to check out.

Photo: Kenneth Lu

Do you know what countries around the world call themselves? [QUIZ]

Would you survive in the Australian wilderness? [QUIZ]

What is your ideal destination in Greece? [QUIZ]

Can you match these countries with their national dishes? [QUIZ]

Can you ace this quiz for North Easters? [QUIZ]

Which tropical island should you visit this winter? [QUIZ]

Can you match these national animals to their countries? [QUIZ]

Can you ace this quiz for West Coasters? [QUIZ]

Can you ace this quiz for Southerners? [QUIZ]

How well do you know famous literature set in Europe? [QUIZ]

How well do you know African American history? [QUIZ]

Can you match these 18 countries to their flag? [QUIZ]

How well do you know the history of the Olympic Games? [QUIZ]

Can you identify these historic world travelers and explorers? [QUIZ]

Can you pick the nations that are current members of the British Commonwealth? [QUIZ]

Can you match these endangered UNESCO sites to their countries? [QUIZ]

Can you identify the tallest mountain on every continent? [QUIZ]

Can you pass this British citizenship quiz? [QUIZ]

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