Matador quizzes are a fun way to learn about the world and probably a little bit about yourself as well. We strive to produce quizzes that make you think and laugh, while encouraging you to explore the world and start planning your next adventure. From Which City Should You Travel to Next? to Which Classic Cocktail Best Fits Your Personality?, we’ve got our full list of quizzes below ready for you to check out.

Photo: Kenneth Lu

Can you identify the places in these Medieval maps? [QUIZ]

Can you spell the names of the world’s most famous landmarks? [QUIZ]

How well do you know the US National Park system?

Can you ace this Western travel history quiz? [QUIZ]

How well do you know China’s UNESCO Heritage sites? [QUIZ]

Can you name the most populated cities in the world’s most populated countries? [QUIZ]

Can you name these YA novels based on their maps? [QUIZ]

This travel quiz will ease your fear of flying [QUIZ]

Can you guess which of these foods are from North America? [QUIZ]

Can you name the ten national capitals closest to Azerbaijan? [QUIZ]

How well do you know US history between 1950 and now? [QUIZ]

Can you pick the names of the capitals of these 65 countries? [QUIZ]

Could you pass the NYC taxicab driver test? [QUIZ]

How fast can you name the states west of the Mississippi River? [QUIZ]

Can you pick the capital city that is NOT on the given continent? [QUIZ]

Can you name every European capital in 30 seconds? [QUIZ]

Can you guess the US cities named after foreign capitals? [QUIZ]

Can you name the world city based on the name of the square within that city? [QUIZ]

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