Travel Photography Tips

Travel photography is about more than simply learning how to take travel photos. Through the articles listed below — as well as the related lessons in the MatadorU Travel Photography course — we provide the information and inspiration needed to go from travel photographer to travel photojournalist.

How to get epic photos from your time in nature

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Stop taking pictures. Start taking photos.

This Instagrammer’s shots of the Swiss Alps will blow your mind

10 perfect Instagram shots of Paris

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8 tips for taking amazing wildlife photos

12 perfect Instagram shots of New York City

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15 perfect Instagram shots of Singapore

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7 mental checks to get the exact photo you want

Travel photography according to Wes Anderson

8 invaluable tips to take better action photos

15 perfect Instagram shots of Los Angeles

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12 perfect Instagram shots of Hong Kong

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15 perfect Instagram shots of London

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9 tips for getting awesome fall colors in your photos

5 simple hacks for getting dreamy waterfall photos

The 11 most inspiring travel photos this week

7 times I thought I was going to die for a photo

9 pro tips to getting epic road photos

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