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A step by step, no BS guide to exactly how I paid for a year’s travel

When I traveled with partners, splitting finances was always a mess. Then I discovered this system.

Here’s when you should book airfare directly through the airline

How I afforded to buy a home and travel the world in my mid-twenties

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These are the most expensive airports to fly out of in the US

Ryanair’s frequent flyer program may actually make you want to fly with them

People left behind $869,839 in loose change at US airports in 2017

Uber’s new rewards program will let you ride for cheap

The Southwest Companion Pass lets your friend fly with you for free

You can book a vacation for a $1 deposit with this travel company


4 easy ways to transfer money to yourself (or others) while abroad

Airport lounges aren’t just for rich business travelers. Get in cheap with these tricks.

Sorry, getting that airline refund might take a while. Here’s what to expect if you try.

The latest airfare hack: booking flights from another country with a VPN

The best travel rewards cards for 2020

Transferring your travel rewards points could give you more buying power. Here’s why.

The best hotel rewards program for every type of traveler

What do I do when my airline goes bankrupt?

35 countries where you should always tip on food and drinks, and how much to leave

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