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Travel Safety

Photo: mafate69

How to stay safe on the road: Forget terrorism, worry about faulty brakes.

An Instagram model was attacked by a shark in the Bahamas

Hawaiians urged not to roast marshmallows over volcano lava


6 common fears that keep you from traveling the world (and why they shouldn’t)

Kangaroos are attacking selfie-hungry tourists in Australia and it’s getting out of hand

How to stay safe online when traveling

Why saying “just be aware of your surroundings” is bad advice for safe travel

What you need to know about travel and terrorism

We’re not here for the hookup: How to spot (and avoid) Couchsurfing creeps

5 common travel fears that shouldn’t keep you from going abroad

Yes, you should probably get travel insurance

Everyone thinks El Salvador is dangerous. Here’s why I can’t wait to go back there

Our friend got shot in Brazil. Travelers everywhere should hear her story.

Feel-good story of the week: Canadian man missing since 2012 found in Brazil

A pilot was pulled off the plane drunk in Canada. Here’s how he was caught.

Everything you need to know about airport security and your rights

In the era of Tinder, “Ask for Angela” could become your new safe word

10 things I wish I’d known before traveling to Cuba

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