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Feel-good story of the week: Canadian man missing since 2012 found in Brazil

by Morgane Croissant

A pilot was pulled off the plane drunk in Canada. Here’s how he was caught.

by Matt Hershberger

Everything you need to know about airport security and your rights

by Matador Team

In the era of Tinder, “Ask for Angela” could become your new safe word

by Debbie Gonzalez Canada

10 things I wish I’d known before traveling to Cuba

by Celinne Da Costa

Rio’s filthy water is already making pro athletes sick. Just ask the surfers

by GlobalPost

Dear travelers to China: please don’t visit until you’ve understood these 8 things

by Whitney Shindelar

Here’s why you’re waiting so long in airport security lines

by Matt Hershberger

Global terrorism is terrifying. Here’s why it makes it more important than ever to travel

by Paige Smith

What Uber could have offered to prevent the Kalamazoo shootings. India has it, why not the US?

by Cathy Brown

Latin America dominates 50 most violent cities list, but you might be surprised how many are in the US.

by Simeon Tegel

Russian police published a hilarious guide to taking selfies without killing yourself

by Dan Peleschuk

Coming to Rio for the Olympics? Here’s where you’re most likely to be shot by a cop

by Will Carless

The value in NOT traveling alone

by Amanda Machado

I’ve been mugged in Rio de Janeiro more times than I can count. Here’s why I keep going back

by Lucy Bryson

Britain declared Iran safe for travel. Here’s how I figured that out years ago.

by Ben McKechnie

Never post pics of your boarding pass online. Here’s why.

by Cathy Brown

What’s more dangerous — skiing or hiking? Find out with this infographic.

by Rory Moulton
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