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10 Food Experiences You Need to Have in Denver Before You Die

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by Tim Wenger Jan 15, 2016

1. Taking shots with all the friends you’ll make while bar-crawling down east Colfax after drinking local beer and eating a tapenade pizza at City, O City. Just the fact that you got a table will make you seem cool.

2. Waking up early to snag a patio table at Linger on Saturday morning, so you will already be 3 mimosas deep and have a series of selfies of you with the downtown skyline in the background by the time the horde of hipsters show up at 11:30.

3. Cheers’ing a celebrity with fine wine in the bar section at Elway’s Cherry Creek. If you’re lucky, you might even see the God of Denver himself, eating a midnight steak at a corner table.

4. Stumbling into the Denver Diner after last call and eating an assortment of eggs, toast, salad, and chicken parm, making sure to sit at a window booth facing Colfax because something hilarious could happen out there at a seconds notice.

5. Eating food from at least three different food trucks at The Big Wonderful while drinking craft beer and shopping at a farmer’s market. Make sure you squeeze in a game of cornhole and on the way home.

6. Listening to spoiled rich college kids from the east coast talk about their problems while you sit over a plate of the best gyros and hummus you’ll find anywhere in town at Jerusalem Restaurant at 3 AM, thinking about how glad you are that you didn’t get in to that big university.

7. Downing a plate of fajitas and several margaritas at Morrison Inn before going to a concert at Red Rocks. Then spending the next two hours pregaming in the parking lot and taking shots with people from at least eight different states. Then realizing you have missed the first two bands.

8. Ordering the cream cheese burger from the menu posted on the wall at Candlelight Tavern, but only after each bartender has shaken your hand and introduced themselves.

9. Ordering a plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters from anywhere that serves them. Warning: they don’t come from the sea.

10. Go to a Denver native’s house on Broncos game day, stuff yourself on beer and finger food, and watch everyone around walk a fine line around having a complete mental breakdown then bursting into tears of joy, then descending back towards the mental breakdown.

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