From Faneuil Hall to Copley Square, the Museum of Fine Arts to the Freedom Trail, here are the 12 best places to connect with your fellow travelers in Boston, Massachusetts.


Wednesday at CBC

The Cambridge Brewing Company at Kendall Square is the designated meet-up spot for Boston's couchsurfing community. You can find the days of these gatherings posted on their Twitter page, as well as a full social calendar of things to do in Boston. Photo: Cambridge Brewing Company


White Horse Tavern

White Horse is a regular meet-up spot for American expats who have returned home and care to share sweet travel stories. Check the meetings announcements via MeetUp. Photo: White Horse Tavern


Hostelling International Boston

Hostelling International has a cozy spot on 19 Stuart Street downtown. HI offers free tours of “the most Boston” spots, such as Harvard University, Back Bay, the South End, and Beacon Hill. There always lots of international folks. Photo: Hostelling International Boston


MFA on Wednesday

The Museum of Fine Arts offers free admission on Wednesdays until 9pm and draws lots of interesting travelers. Photo: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


By the Charles

Charles Riverside is the city's most popular jogging area, and lots of folks snapping boat and sunset instagrams, or kayaking on a sunny afternoon. Photo: Kyungrae Kim


Copley Square

Hancock Tower, the Boston Library, and the John Copley statue are all located here. Photo: Tetsuya Tano


City Hall

City Hall’s steps are a popular resting spot with cafes, restaurants, and, perhaps most importantly, restrooms. City Hall plaza often has live concerts -- Panic at the Disco! performed just a few weeks ago. Photo: Alla Kostenko


At the Freedom Trail

Especially beautiful at night with the city lights sparkling around you, the Freedom Trail is a great spot for photos and for taking in some local history. Venture off to the North End afterward and grab a delicious canoli at Mike’s. Photo: Tour of The Freedom Trail


On Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is the oldest, most-traditional area of the city, which is especially gorgeous in the fall with yellow and brown leaves everywhere, gas lights, and adorable puppies strutting around. Photo: Haley Miller


At the Public Garden

A ridiculously scenic spot, the Public Garden’s got it all -- hot dogs, puppies, a dude with a saxophone playing the Harry Potter soundtrack, and Indian couples taking their wedding photos by the swan bridge. Bring a blanket and some snacks. Photo: Thanyarat Tundanuch


Dancing on the Charles

This summer music festival happens once at the end of every month (May-August) and brings local DJs for a great day of drinking, dancing, and games by the Charles River. French, Mexican, Bulgarian -- there are travelers from all over the place. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door from a friend of a friend of a friend. Photo: Dancing on the Charles


Faneuil Hall’s bars

Faneuil Hall (pronounced feh-new-al) is a strip of Irish pubs (MJ O’Connors, Paddy O’s, Shannanigan’s) and bars (the iconic Cheers!) that bring everyone out -- both locals and out-of-towners --for evening bar crawls. Photo: Faneuil Hall Marketplace

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