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1. Seeing a band play on a stage by the sea is distracting. Not to mention the unpleasant sea breeze, which will probably make you ill.

Primavera Sound

Photo: michał majewski

2. Every festival in Spain is about indie music, and they don’t really put an effort on finding beautiful places. You prefer more diversity and more special settings.

Festival La Mar de Músicas

Photo: Alexandre López

3. There’s too many people. The last thing you want is to end up in a place like this after not finding where to put your tent at the official camping site.

Festival de Ortigueira

Photo: Mánel

4. Recovering on the beach the following day? What a stupid thing to do.

FIB Benicássim

Photo: Christian Scheja

5. Food is always weird. You prefer to eat at the nearest McDonald’s.

Pintxos Bilbao BBK Live

Photo: Nvivo.es, 5gig

6. And you could end up in strange places… who on Earth would want to visit some wine cellars while attending a music festival?

Sonorama Ribera (Aranda del Duero)

Photo: Raúl Hernández González

7. You don’t understand people who go to festivals to lie on the grass.

South Pop Isla Cristina

Photo: Rafale Tovar

8. Spanish music festivals are always full of weird people… and they’re probably dangerous.


Photo: Jonas MF

9. Dancing on the beach? In public? In your swimming suit? What kind of person would want to do that?

Arenal Sound

Photo: Roberto García*

10. The number of crazy people per square meter is too high.


Photo: Rafale Tovar

11. Musicians clearly dislike playing in Spain.


Photo: Urko Dorronsoro

12. Not to mention the audience – they’re really boring and don’t care about the music.


Photo: Rafale Tovar