13 Reasons You Should Never Travel To Chile

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by Katie Scott Aiton May 22, 2015

1. Walking away from this market with a harvest and change from $10 does not impress you.

2. Cheap yet high quality wine sounds like an oxymoron to you.


3. Because being able to hit the slopes in the morning doesn’t entice you.

4. And afternoon waves sound far too out there!

5. Watching the sunset over the driest desert in the world sounds like torture.

Watching the sunset over the Valle De La Luna in the Atacama desert, north Chile. #travelstoke #chile

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6. Mountain biking through the vineyards of Casablanca? Are you mad?


7. Because you think mixing ice cream, pisco is a crime.

8. If you wouldn’t jump at the chance to go horseback riding through the Andes.

9. Witnessing these guys living 4,000 meters above sea level doesn’t blow your mind!

These guys are called Vicuñas. They live 4000m above sea level. They drink salt water from the Legunas. #travelstoke #chile

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10. Because your suitcase is usually filled with bikinis and flip-flops.

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11. Exploring glaciers via a kayak? Nope rather stay at home and watch Netflix.

12. Camping out overnight next to thermal pools sounds far too risky!

13. If experiencing the words of Isabel Allende coming to life on Easter Island would be far too real for you.

Así me da la bienvenida Rapa Nui. @chiletravel #axm #axmchile #chile #rapanui #isladepascua #viaje #viajes #visitchile #lan

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