NORTHERN LIGHTS, ICE CAVES, SKATING, skiing and surreal sunsets. That’s what your days will be filled with if you come up for a winter in Alberta.

We have giant bodies of water that freeze thick enough to drive trucks on, making it a great place to ice fish or go skidooing. Sunrises or sunsets are a blast to watch from the middle of the lake. Endless ice meeting golden skies, a perfect way to either start or end you time enjoying the snow.

If you’re a night owl and you come at the right time, northern lights can brighten your night as you watch the colors dance across the sky. A great photograph and experience I would highly recommend. If you have never witnessed the sky dance, then it’ll certainly blow your socks off. It’s so unlike anything else in the natural world, there is no way to describe it accurately, you can only go and see it for yourself.

Alberta has been my home for almost my entire life, and out of all the places I’ve visited, there is something that always draws me back to this part of the world. The combination of landscapes, starry skies, beautiful sunsets and northern lights are unlike anywhere else.


Hole in the Snow

After a great day of skating on the glacier clear ice it feels good to chill out in an ice cave that no one has yet to discover.


In Awe

Nothing like spending a night freezing your toes off and watching the glorious northern lights dance across the sky! I very nearly missed catching these as when I first noticed them, I was almost 2 hours away from home and my camera gear. So I was more than pleased to have these lights shine for almost 6 hours, performing their wave like patterns over and over again in front of my eyes.


Serenity in the Sky

This was one of those nights where no matter what angle you were shooting, every single shot turned out amazing! The sky and the snow just created a perfect scene, one that I’ll always remember.


Standing Tall

I love watching the Northern Lights, but I feel like I'm never able to capture the feeling of looking up at them. Normally I look for a river or something on the ground to use as a foreground for the composition, but this time I thought I’d tried to replicate the crooked neck viewpoint.



Watching the meteor shower on a 100-year-old, half burnt, wooden bridge... Pretty cool I'd say!


Reflections in Light

A calm night resting at home, when all the sudden my phone starts going off with alerts for an Aurora storm. So I spent the rest of the evening standing under the lights, gazing up in awe... what a way to spend an evening.


Light Waves

After a long day, I certainly wasn't planning to go out and shoot this night. I was tired, so I went to bed early, but within seconds of my head hitting the pillow my phone starts going off with messages from my friends out watching the lights. So, I dragged myself slowly out of bed, drove out to my favorite spot and saw the skies were alive... In that moment all my tiredness was gone as the sky was dancing brighter than I'd seen in a long, long time.


Fire, Ice and Light

Homemade Fireworks, glow sticks and northern lights.... How much better can a night get?


Ghost and his Boy

Would you believed me if I told you this photo was originally completely green? I took this shot through a very dark piece of welding glass so that I could extend the time of this shot to two minutes, but it left a strong green cast on the photo. My poor brother had to stand completely still the entire time is was taking this shot. After I got home, I had to edit this photo so that there was no green left in it. This was by far one of the most complex and difficult shots I’ve ever taken.


Under the Lights

When the lake freezes without much snow on it, you can’t help but put your skates on and skate way out into the middle of the lake, set up camp and sleep under the stars and northern lights.


Shiny at Sunrise

Hockey game at sunrise anyone? Not too hard when the sun rises at 9.


Chilly Paddle

Enjoy canoeing through the icy straights, just make sure you don't fall in, because it’s unlikely you'll be getting back out!


The Crack

-40 degrees Celsius at 8 in the morning… Gotta do what you gotta do to get the shot, and in this case it was spending the rest of the morning at home defrosting my toes and fingers so that I could edit the shots from this wonderful wintery sunrise.


Winter Skies

Fresh snow on the ground, skies slowly turning golden. It’s a scene that warms my heart every time I see it. While I was taking this shot a fox was getting a little curious. I was off checking new locations to shoot while my camera was taking a long exposure and when I was about 15 meters off from my camera, the fox wandered up and started sniffing my tripod and camera bag. This was the shot that came from that very moment.