1. This beach is too empty to be funny.

2. You’re not impressed by these waves. Besides, surfing is for crazy people.

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3. I bet you can’t drive here.

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4. Just another city by a river. Haven’t we seen too many of those?

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5. What’s so special about a train station covered in tiles?

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6. You’re not traveling all the way to Portugal just to have a glass of wine.

7. Codfish is disgusting.

8. A valley, a river, some vineyards, green hills… you don’t see the appeal.

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9. Your life is so much more exciting than this.

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10. Why try natinhas in a place where they have been making them for almost 200 years when you can make them at home?

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11. A mobile bookstore. So what? Isn’t it too small?

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12. You prefer modern things. Visiting one of the world’s oldest universities is not a priority.

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13. Same goes for the world’s oldest bookstore.

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14. Flying to a remote island just to hike? Your Facebook friends wouldn’t understand.