15 Reasons You Should Never Travel to Japan

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by Michael Bonocore May 26, 2015

Japan, consisting of 6,852 islands, lies along the Pacific Coast of East Asia. With 73% of the country consisting of forests and mountains, the habitable areas such as Tokyo and Yokohama have extremely high population densities, making Japan one of the most densely populated countries on earth. The extreme contrast between the cities and abundant nature attracts almost 10 million foreign visitors a year, but surely, there can’t be that much to see, can there be?

1. You prefer not to enjoy epic views.

2. There is too much light pollution to see the stars.

3. You’d rather see horses in stables.

4. Why walk at dusk? You can’t see anything anyway.

5. Adventure is not in your vocabulary.

6. Yokohama isn’t as impressive as Tokyo, right?

7. You have a fear of monkeys, even the cute ones.

8. Sunday strolls are overrated, right?

9. The streets are too crowded to get any good views.

10. You prefer to see your wildlife in a zoo.

11. You are allergic to cherry blossoms.

12. There isn’t any good views in Tokyo after the sun goes down.

13. The views are better below the clouds.

14. You don’t like unique road trips.

15. You prefer your alcohol cold, and your snacks from a microwave.

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