16 Reasons You Should Never Travel To Chicago

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by Alice Latham Jun 30, 2015

1. Deep-dish pizza sounds amazing but it’s a no-go since you’re gluten free and all.

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2. Cycling around the city? You prefer driving as it involves way less effort.

3. Taking pictures on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower is way too extreme.

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4. You’ll get addicted to taking photos with the bean.

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5. Someone will tell you to try Chinese tacos, as if that’s a real thing.

6. It’s a city so no outdoor activity options, obviously.

7. If you take your kids, they’ll have a horrible time!

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8. Paddleboarding sounds fun, but what if you fall in?

9. It’s always cold. Every single day.

10. You only like normal alcoholic beverages like beer or anything on the rocks.

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11. You’ll get mesmerized by all the architecture, and forget to do anything else.

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12. Outdoor concerts in Millennium Park? You’re too much of a philistine to enjoy them, even if they are free.

13. There’s people exercising everywhere…how annoying!

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14. No other music festival will compare after you go to Lollapalooza.

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15. There’s just too much to fit into your trip, like beer tasting at Lagunitas Brewing Company. Why even bother?

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16. And when you get home you’ll resent everyone for making you leave the epicness that is Chi Town.

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