16 Reasons You Should Never Travel to Los Angeles

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by Alice Latham Aug 3, 2015

1. There are these weird curved holes everywhere. What’s the deal with that?

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2. You’ll cry with happiness when you try the sandwiches at Egg Slut. How embarrassing!

I was very egg-cited to eat this

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3. How you supposed to keep cool with all that heat?

Jammin’ on a sonic the hedgehog ice cream.

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4. You won’t be able to handle L.A’s honesty.

Found a new mentor.

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5. Cities are always so dark and gloomy.

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6. It’s nothing like baywatch.

7. You really think In-N-Out will live up to the hype?

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8. There’s all this weird outdoor artwork.

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9. Don’t believe those urban myths about Jim Morrison’s secret cave.

10. It’s just beaches and more beaches. You’re better off heading to a real city.

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11. Walking around L.A. is so boring. There’s nothing to see!

12. You’ll waste so much time walking up to the back of the Hollywood sign. It’s an average view at best.

13. You’ll never eat any other ice cream after trying Milk’s ice cream sandwiches.

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14. You’ll get a severe avocado toast and waffles addiction at Dinette.

15. You prefer to watch a movie from your lounge chair.

16. Honestly, everything else falls short of L.A. Good luck trying to enjoy somewhere else!

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