1. You’ll get all whimsical and think you’re in a scene from Sleepless in Seattle. Way to embarrass yourself!


2. You’ll cry when you eat the deliciousness that is Dick’s Burgers. Move over In-N-Out.


3. You’ll wish you’d gone to U-Dub (the country’s most beautiful university).


4. What if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

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5. You prefer ‘conventional’ art.


6. Kayaking on Lake Union is way too active for your liking.

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7. The whole hipster concept intimidates you.

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8. The views are super average.

Sunset from the 2nd Ave staircase #pnw #seattle #queenanne #urbanhike

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9. You’ll get stuck to the gum wall.

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10. You don’t know how to appreciate the little things in life…like PBR on draft.

11. You have an aversion to live music, so why go to the birthplace of grunge?

12. You’ll get depressed when you go home and can’t find Tokyo dogs anywhere.


13. You’ll spend your entire trip at the EMP Museum. Music, sci-fi, and pop culture all in one place? What more could you want in a museum (or life for that matter)?!


14. I mean it’s called the rainy city for a reason, right?

15. You won’t admit it but you’re scared of the portion sizes at Beth’s Cafe.

16. You have a humongous fear of flying fish.

The world famous flying fish market. #seattlesummer #pikeplacefishmarket

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17. You’ll feel a deep sense of regret that you spent so much of your life drinking awful coffee. Now you know: Seattle is the place for coffee (and no I don’t mean Starbucks).

18. You’ll feel miserable the day you have to leave stunning Seattle!