18 Reasons You Should NEVER Travel To Southeast Alaska

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by Shelby Huff Nov 7, 2015

1. It’s just trees. Nothing but the largest National Forest in the United States.

2. Nothing interesting to find in those trees.

3. Bears fishing on salmon runs? There are greater shows on earth.

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4. Besides, there isn’t much to do in such a remote land.

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5. I mean, it’s surrounded by water. But it’s too cold to go swimming.

6. And there are glaciers, but, again, you can see those anywhere.

7. You’re not going to meet anyone new exploring uninhabited islands.

8. It’s not like anything exciting ever happens just looking at water either.

9. And the water is not that impressive.

10. You can’t just go shopping for dinner. You have to catch it yourself.

11. Seriously, all these people do is hang out in boats and fish.

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12. It doesn’t even get truly dark at night.

13. And you can’t just drive everywhere. You have to take a boat.

14. Or a plane.

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15. It rains all day, every day. No sun to see here.

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16. No solitude, peace or tranquility to be found either.

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17. I mean, what fun is it to hang out with age-old trees all day?

18. Better to just stay home, where it’s warm, safe and dry. There are dangers lurking around every corner out there.

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