These shots didn’t make it into our earlier photo gallery, Spectacular waterfalls of the world.

BUT THEY’RE JUST AS EVOCATIVE — maybe more so, for the fact that many are in locations that are hard to get to and / or aren’t well known. Take this note from photographer Nicholas A. Tonelli, in reference to the shot of Silverthread Falls below:

This 80-foot cascade lies a short distance from Dingmans Falls, one of Pennsylvania’s highest falls. For some reason, the park service had closed the visitors’ center, as well as the trail leading to the falls, when I visited. I hiked the trail anyway, enjoying the absence of people. (The area gets crowded with tourists.)

For the other featured photographers who weren’t as forthcoming, it’s fun to imagine what was involved in accessing the more remote falls in this list…and what would be involved in getting there myself.

Athirappally waterfalls, Kerala, India.

Dragon Falls, Venezuela.
Photo: Dmitry Moiseenko @

Tad Sae falls, Laos.
Photo: Greg Hayter

Multnomah Falls, Oregon.
Photo: kun0me

Wall of Tears, Puu Kukui, Hawaii.
Photo: jurvetson

Salto Grande, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.
Photo: Aztlek

Kemenuh waterfall, Bali.
Photo: ῨᾂῄὐἄṜ™

Devil's Mouth, Jog Falls, Karnataka, India.
Photo: vramak

Wallaman Falls, Queensland, Australia.
Photo: paul bica

Cascata delle Marmore, Umbria, Italy.
Photo: supersum (off)

South Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon.
Photo: Ian Sane

Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Canada.
Photo: Alaskan Dude

Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya, India.
Photo: spo0nman

Barron Falls, Cairns, Australia.
Photo: Shek Graham

Cascade Falls Sunrise, Lake Tahoe, California.
Photo: SteveD.

Great Falls Park, Potomac River, Virginia.
Photo: o palsson

Palouse Falls, Washington.
Photo: .Bala

Elakala Waterfalls, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia.
Photo: Nature Pictures by ForestWander

The Vøringfossen, Eidfjord, Norway.
Photo: kennymatic

Silverthread Falls, Pike County, Pennsylvania.
Photo: Nicholas_T

Sawkill Falls, Pike County, Pennsylvania.
Photo: Nicholas_T