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50 Sunrises

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by Matador Creators Apr 14, 2010
When you fill out your Matador profile, we ask you to share your ideal place for watching the sunrise. Here’s what 50 members said.

1. two2sense: Hugging the mast of a catamaran with a bottle of champagne in the Philippines.
2. SteveScherrer: Waking up on a random beach after a night of illegal camping on the east coast of Australia before going for a surf.
3. Brian Aronson: Dune 45, namib desert.
4. Russ G.: Fly fishing in Alaska for salmon.
5. pendergrjb: With a cup of coffee on a log by the bay of San Quintin.
6. bercale: On the rim of the grand canyon with a hot cup of coffee made on a camping stove in a vw camper van by a boy you once loved when you were too young too appreciate the magic of young love.
7. Nisatin: A quiet beach with no tent and the remains of an old fire from the night before.
8. IainYNWA: Camping in Outer Mongolia.
9. ed369: It’s always amazing opening one eye in a beautiful beach hut, waking up to the fresh warm rays of a rising sun.
10. jaguarguitar: NZ – Cathedral’s Cove.

11. Yeags: After a long night with friends, watching the sun come up anywhere is magical.
12. jrmoreau: From a cabin window somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.
13. saintnick88: Over the pink sand of a Bermuda beach.
14. Jaguar: Mandan Indian site, Double Ditch along the Missouri River banks north of Bismarck, North Dakota — fabulous for Northern Lights too.
15. jlb9976: From the Greek Islands overlooking the Aegean Sea.
16. Aggie: Tulum, Mexico, after falling asleep under an immensity of stars and watching the moon rise.
17. rbdawn: From the warmth of my bed!
18. Joey Pizzolato: Coming out from an underground club in Tokyo, or sitting on the roof of a Chicago skyscraper.
19. charlie74: Pick a mountaintop anywhere in Colorado during autumn. Tough to beat.
20. KlaraH: On a waterside walk home from chosen bar in Stockholm during one of those priceless Scandi summer nights.
21. hikerjch: Waking up early in a new place.
22. Priancca: In the Garhwal hills — while going to chaupta.
23. watchkatespin: On a surfboard in the South Bay of Scarborough, England.
24. ImpDad: From bed with the woman I love.
25. tourguidebernie: In a steel mill………for real.
26. AndreaL: On top of Mount Sinai, after climbing in darkness for 3 hours.
27. passionwriter: Early in the morning in the quietness of my greatroom, the sunrise couldn’t be more meaningful. It is the beginning of a new day!
28. kariann5: Over the ocean on a morning run.
29. PhilWyman: From the Playa at Burning Man.
30. LmHb: Charles Bridge, Prague, 4am in the summer
31. bonnie lynn: Machu Picchu at the gate after a fantastic hike.
32. AmericanRugby: A rooftop in Chicago with friends after a night of revelry.
33. Craig Guillot: Along the coast in Central America.
34. DavidLee: Exiting a bar.
35. ayla: Laying on a beach watching it come up over the sea.
36. CharlieCalifornia: From my sleeping bag.
37. adventurista912: Fraser Island after sleeping on the beach with dingos!

38. Bigshoe: Hammock in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.
39. kelsiecb: Driving over the plains of the Midwest U.S.
40. Steve L: While meditating on a mountaintop.
41. SharonC: Walking the canals of Venice, Italy.
42. tiffanyv: Coming back from a killer day diving.
43. manuelaodell: Mt. David at Bates College after your last night of college.
44. Ghostfacekillen: On top of a volcano in Guatemala.
45. imissutila: On the dock outlooking the open sea.
46. Ruffian: From the breakfast nook of my mansion.
47. Yonatan Weic: On an iceberg.
48. Ella Viaja: Siem Reap with close friends….
49. Martin Nielsen: From a mountaintop in El Pauji (Southern Venezuela), the sun will rise over the Amazon rain forest.
50. Brucini: Don’t do sunrise much.

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