When you fill out your Matador profile, we ask you to share your ideal place for watching the sunrise. Here’s what 50 members said.

1. two2sense: Hugging the mast of a catamaran with a bottle of champagne in the Philippines.
2. SteveScherrer: Waking up on a random beach after a night of illegal camping on the east coast of Australia before going for a surf.
3. Brian Aronson: Dune 45, namib desert.
4. Russ G.: Fly fishing in Alaska for salmon.
5. pendergrjb: With a cup of coffee on a log by the bay of San Quintin.
6. bercale: On the rim of the grand canyon with a hot cup of coffee made on a camping stove in a vw camper van by a boy you once loved when you were too young too appreciate the magic of young love.
7. Nisatin: A quiet beach with no tent and the remains of an old fire from the night before.
8. IainYNWA: Camping in Outer Mongolia.
9. ed369: It’s always amazing opening one eye in a beautiful beach hut, waking up to the fresh warm rays of a rising sun.
10. jaguarguitar: NZ – Cathedral’s Cove.

11. Yeags: After a long night with friends, watching the sun come up anywhere is magical.
12. jrmoreau: From a cabin window somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.
13. saintnick88: Over the pink sand of a Bermuda beach.
14. Jaguar: Mandan Indian site, Double Ditch along the Missouri River banks north of Bismarck, North Dakota — fabulous for Northern Lights too.
15. jlb9976: From the Greek Islands overlooking the Aegean Sea.
16. Aggie: Tulum, Mexico, after falling asleep under an immensity of stars and watching the moon rise.
17. rbdawn: From the warmth of my bed!
18. Joey Pizzolato: Coming out from an underground club in Tokyo, or sitting on the roof of a Chicago skyscraper.
19. charlie74: Pick a mountaintop anywhere in Colorado during autumn. Tough to beat.
20. KlaraH: On a waterside walk home from chosen bar in Stockholm during one of those priceless Scandi summer nights.
21. hikerjch: Waking up early in a new place.
22. Priancca: In the Garhwal hills — while going to chaupta.
23. watchkatespin: On a surfboard in the South Bay of Scarborough, England.
24. ImpDad: From bed with the woman I love.
25. tourguidebernie: In a steel mill………for real.
26. AndreaL: On top of Mount Sinai, after climbing in darkness for 3 hours.
27. passionwriter: Early in the morning in the quietness of my greatroom, the sunrise couldn’t be more meaningful. It is the beginning of a new day!
28. kariann5: Over the ocean on a morning run.
29. PhilWyman: From the Playa at Burning Man.
30. LmHb: Charles Bridge, Prague, 4am in the summer
31. bonnie lynn: Machu Picchu at the gate after a fantastic hike.
32. AmericanRugby: A rooftop in Chicago with friends after a night of revelry.
33. Craig Guillot: Along the coast in Central America.
34. DavidLee: Exiting a bar.
35. ayla: Laying on a beach watching it come up over the sea.
36. CharlieCalifornia: From my sleeping bag.
37. adventurista912: Fraser Island after sleeping on the beach with dingos!

38. Bigshoe: Hammock in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.
39. kelsiecb: Driving over the plains of the Midwest U.S.
40. Steve L: While meditating on a mountaintop.
41. SharonC: Walking the canals of Venice, Italy.
42. tiffanyv: Coming back from a killer day diving.
43. manuelaodell: Mt. David at Bates College after your last night of college.
44. Ghostfacekillen: On top of a volcano in Guatemala.
45. imissutila: On the dock outlooking the open sea.
46. Ruffian: From the breakfast nook of my mansion.
47. Yonatan Weic: On an iceberg.
48. Ella Viaja: Siem Reap with close friends….
49. Martin Nielsen: From a mountaintop in El Pauji (Southern Venezuela), the sun will rise over the Amazon rain forest.
50. Brucini: Don’t do sunrise much.

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