Earlier this week, I got all sentimental over “A Day in California” for featuring many of my childhood hangouts. I’ve never set foot anywhere featured in “8 Hours in Brooklyn,” but Next Level Pictures has thoroughly demonstrated that I’m missing out.

When news about Phantom high-speed cameras started getting attention this week, all I could think about was how much cooler Shark Week will look next time around. I stand corrected — this portrait of life in Brooklyn, New York is a much better use of fps.

According to director/cinematographer Jonathan Bregel, the goal here was to prove that the Phantom Flex high-speed camera is capable of effectively shooting documentary-style footage:

…the idea behind this video was to document whatever sort of culture we could find within an 8 hour span with literally no pre-production. I have honestly seen too many slow-motion explosions, face slaps, and popping water baloons, that I thought capturing real culture, and real emotion would be a cool change of pace.

Check out the Next Level Pictures blog for some behind-the-scenes photos. For more on Brooklyn, New York, visit our destination page.

(Via TDW & doobybrain.)