Mt. Whitney

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Michael Shainblum 

If you don’t have time for the John Muir trail you can still summit Mt. Whitney since the peak is accessible via a walk-up trail. It’s preferable to do the 22-mile round trip over several days as a backpacking trip starting from the east at Whitney Portal, though extreme day hikers and those unable to secure permits attempt the day hike every day. The aforementioned Whitney Portal Store at the campground is well-stocked. If you are attempting the day hike, buy some ibuprofen, you’ll need it for the altitude headache.

Matt Davis to Steep Ravine Loop

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Julien Bascal

This 7-mile Mt. Tamalpais classic takes you through a range of habitats in addition to being a great workout. Start from Pantoll or Bootjack on Mt. Tam, just north of San Francisco. Cross the road and head down the Matt Davis trail for sweeping views of the ocean and fields of wildflowers in the spring. Eventually, you’ll descend to the town of Stinson Beach. Walk down to the beach, picking up a snack at the Stinson Beach Market or the Parksidecomplex. It’s difficult to leave the beach, but hoist yourself up and head back up to the Dipsea trail, then onto the Steep Ravine trail, a lush hike up a narrow canyon filled with redwoods and ferns. Scale a ladder and feel like a bad-ass as you return to the lot.

Ewoldsen Trail

Ewoldsen Trail

Big Sur, United States

An incredible moderate hike is the Ewoldsen Trail, it starts in Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park and climbs 1520 feet up out of the redwoods and onto an elevated ridge line where you can take in views of a long section of the coastline. It’s a 5.3 mile round trip hike, and has some fairly steep climbing along the way. If you’re there to see one of Big Sur’s iconic sunsets, don’t forget to bring a headlamp for the hike out. #hiking #bigsur #views #viewpoint #accessbigsur

Lost Coast

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Bill Church

The Lost Coast is a challenging 25-mile backpacking trip on a section of California’s coast too rugged for a road. It might well be just you, the occasional backpacker, and a few bears….The Lost Coast is located in the King Range National Conservation Area and is definitely one of California’s premier outdoor trips. Start the hike at either Shelter Cove / Whitethorn in the south or Mattole Beach in the north; a few shuttle services can help you out with transport. Dining options are a bit slim in this area, but check out Caffe Dolce, Delgada Pizza and Bakery or the deli at the Shelter Cove RV park.

Skyline to the Sea

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Matt Anderson

This 25-30 mile hike (depending on variable side trips) is usually a three-day backpacking trip starting in Castle Rock State Park, then Big Basin State Park and ending at Waddell Creek Beach. However, some ultralight hikers have been known to do the entire thing in one day in reverse….The hike passes through old-growth redwood groves, creels, and waterfalls. Logistically, you will need to organise a shuttle or have one car at each end, or beg a friend for a lift. Assuming that you finish at the beach, head north to Pescadero for a well-deserved sandwich at the Pescadero Country Store, purchase some delicious artichoke bread at Arcangeli’s, and drinks at Duarte’s.

Mist Trail to Vernal / Nevada Falls and Half Dome

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A classic hike in Yosemite which gets crowded in the summer for good reason. A permit is necessary for Half Dome so make sure to plan ahead if you intend to go that far. Consider doing this hike in spring as there will be less people and the snowmelt will create more mist. The trail is carved into rocks close to the plunging Merced River. As you ascend Yosemite’s unique glaciated geology spreads out around you. Stock up on snacks in Yosemite Village before heading off

John Muir Trail

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Vivek Vijaykumar

The 215-mile trail from Yosemite south to Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48. The trail, which overlaps in part with the Pacific Crest Trail, traverses the Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon National Park before ending at Mt. Whitney. Spending days in the granite of the high sierras and you’ll come to see why John Muir called these mountains the range of light. When you end your hike at Whitney Portal, you’ll praise the Whitney Portal Store, which serves food to satisfy those who’ve spent a few weeks in the backcountry.

North Dome

North Dome

Mariposa County, United States

Killer views of the valley and full frontal view of half done from here. There’s a bunch of different ways to get to North Dome with varying degrees of difficulty. You can come in from porcupine creek which takes you to north done with not very much incline and head back the same way or hike down to the valleythrough the Yosemite falls trail. This will be hard on the knees it’s a lot of downhill. You can also hike up the Yosemite falls trail and over to north dome and up porcupine creek to the road to tioga (a hiking shuttle can take you to and from the valley to porcupine creek). It was about 15 miles from porcupine creek to north dome down to the valley when I went. Not sure how long it’d be if you just went back through porcupine creek but definitely shorter and easier. #hiking

Bridge to Nowhere

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Bill Sharpsteen

This 10-mile, SoCal hike will get into the San Gabriel Mountains, where engineers tried to build a road in the 30’s. Most of it was wiped out in flood in ‘38 but the bridge still stands. This hike is tough but relatively flat, following the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, and is a good choice for the summer when many SoCal hiking spots are too hot. You’ll have to ford the river several times, so come prepared to get wet and be careful during inclement weather. You’ll need a permit to enter the Sheep Mountain Wilderness, but you can purchase one at the Ranger Station. Cinnamon’s Bakery and Sandwich Shop or Mexico Lindo in Wrightwood are good places to recharge after your hike.

Alamere Falls

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The trailhead for this 8-mile round-trip hike is a bit difficult to find since it requires driving through the town of Bolinas, where locals often take down signs to thwart visitors. Once you’ve found your way, head north on the coast trail past Bass Lake to the falls, which plummet from the cliff onto the beach. On the way back, stop at Bass Lake for a swim in its temperate waters. Look out for the rope swing on the north side of the lake. In Bolinas, stop by the Coast Cafe or historic Smiley’s for a post-hike beer.

San Gorgonio Peak

San Gorgonio Peak

Forest Falls, United States

San Gorgonio is the tallest mountain in Southern California. Old Grayback is a beast of a day hike, clocking in at ~18 miles. And it’s peak six in the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge.: 


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Becker Peak

Becker Peak

South Lake Tahoe, United States

Awesome peak to climb at Echo. There is an easy trail from Echo Chalet or you can challenge yourself with a scramble from the middle of the lake. It was tough with dogs and kids but we made it! #hiking