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9 Best Outdoor Spots To Hike or Chill Around Barcelona

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Photo: Dayana Aleksandrova
Dayana Aleksandrova
Nov 11, 2016

Whether you need to recharge your batteries, shake off the week’s stress or just go and play like you’re 10 again, hit up these 9 spots. There’s something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re only willing to walk 10 minutes to Ciutadella park right in the city or hop on the train and take to the mountains to fill up your lungs with the crisp air of Montserrat.

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1. Ciutadella park

 Ciutadella ParkBarcelona, SpainPerhaps the most famous park in town. Ciutadella is big and equipped with lots of fun things. There are ping pong tables and the competition gets pretty intense. There’s a playground for children as well as a million benches to sit down and relax. Go around sunset, you’ll definitely run into someone playing Spanish guitar. *movie moment* #park #playground

2. Jardins de Joan Brossa

 Jardins de Joan BrossaBarcelona, SpainIf you’re looking for a place to enjoy some fresh air and silence, head up to the Jardins de Joan de Brossa. Mere steps up from Plaça d’espanya. They are massive and go all the way up to the castle. You’ll see ladies doing Thai chi, dogs running around, couples strolling up and down the ivy-covered steps. Some even get married up there and pose for photos, it’s an all-around party. #freshair #hiking

3. Jardins de Laribal

 Jardins de LaribalBarcelona, SpainStop by the Jardins de Laribal on your way down from Montjuïc to check out the sculptures and just stroll leisurely. This spot is perfect for stair lovers (those of us who enjoy going up and down dozens of steps for fitness purposes). This park used to be a popular hangout spot for politicians and gastronomic enthusiasts back in the day. Today, you’ll still find great biodiversity and architecture. #park #hiking #free

4. Parc de les Aigües

 Parc de les AigüesBarcelona, SpainI always stop at this park on my way to Parc Güell or Guinardó. There’s a tennis court, a kiddie playground and a ton of different trees for the nature lover. This park is generally not too busy which makes it great for reading or meditating. #relax #playground

5. Montjuïc Castle

 Montjuïc CastleBarcelona, SpainHike up to the castle for some great views of the entire city along the way. Montjuïc is the place to be if you want to get out of the city but not venture too far. There are many gardens and observation spots to hang out up there. The castle requires a ticket to get in but honestly, I just walk around to take photos and get exercise instead. You’re not missing much if you don’t go in. #gallery #history #hiking

6. Parc del Guinardó

 Parc del GuinardóBarcelona, SpainKiller 360-degree views of the city. I stopped by at this tiny slice of paradise before reaching the very top. The park is located up in the steep hills and is a great alternative to the overly crowded parc Güell. It’s free and there is enough space for both joggers and walkers. You can take a bus to it. I personally like to exercise, so I took the yellow line to Alfons X and climbed to the top. #hiking

7. Tibidabo

 TibidaboBarcelona, SpainPerhaps most well-known for the amusement park at the top, Tibidabo is the tallest mountain of the Serra de Collserola range. Hike up to the castle and feel like a kid again, riding the roller coasters. Make sure to bring your camera for sweet views of the city grid. You can get to the top via the Tibidabo funicular, by the Tramvia Blau or by car. #views #hiking #playground #activekids

8. Serra de Collserola Natural Park

 Serra de Collserola Natural ParkSant Cugat del Vallès, SpainIf you’re a hiking and sports enthusiast, head up to this park and get lost for an entire day. You’ll get not only a great view of the entire city from above, but also a ton of exercise hiking up the hills and little paths in this 8,000-hectare beauty. #park #hiking

9. Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey

 Santa Maria de Montserrat AbbeyMonistrol de Montserrat, SpainMontserrat is the perfect day trip out of the city when you feel overwhelmed by hordes of tourists. Get yourself to the metro at Plaça d’Espanya (the one on the side of Arenas mall). Get a ticket (I recommend riding the funicular instead of the train because it’s more scenic. Also buy the ticket that includes train to the mountain 2 ways + cable car, it’s cheaper than buying separately). The ride is about 1hr and half of it is outside and scenic. Air up at Monserrat is amazing and super crisp. It almost always drizzles, so put on a jacket or bring umbrella. Must see’s: observation deck, stairway to heaven, central plaza, inside of the chapel (touch the black Madonna for good luck). There are trails to hike which are frequented by locals. #hiking #statue #history

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