Comprised of 10,000 photographs shot by Ryan Killackey and his wife, “A Day in California” sends me on a trip down memory lane.

Killackey and his wife, Cheri, have been shooting photos from various California locations over the last year and half. Experimenting with tilt-shift effects and time-lapse photography, the two have created this stunning short film that demonstrates just how much you can do with non-professional equipment (see the summary on Vimeo for camera information). Thanks to them, I’ll never again feel guilty for not shooting in RAW.

Some of these places I recognize: the balloon ride from the Wild Animal Park, one of my favorite San Diego delights; The Wedge, where my friends and I used to watch the older boys skimboard; even Sturtevant Falls, where I was completely miserable because I forgot to apply bug spray. Others, I’m adding to my summer travel itinerary (who’s heading to Griffith Park with me next time I’m in Los Angeles?). Yet all of these places evoke mushy sentiments that leave me feeling proud and grateful to have been born and raised in such a photogenic state.

Yes, maybe I’m being overly nostalgic. Maybe I’m still buzzing from the incredible hike I took today from the top of Mammoth Mountain. Or maybe California, with all its traffic and liposuction, really is just that awesome.

(Via PetaPixel.)