First, you’ll need a car that you wouldn’t feel comfortable driving to the supermarket…much less Mongolia.

Maybe you’ve heard of this thing called the Mongol Rally.

If you haven’t, well, prepare for your world to get a lot more interesting (and surprisingly reckless).

The boredom-crushing experts who moonlight as philanthropists over at The Adventurists recently completed their 7th annual odyssey from London to Ulaanbataar, a 10,000+ mile odyssey traversing dozens of countries and racking up countless amounts of passport karma.

And they’re already fired up for next year.

Judging from just about every news headline published in the last 5 years, the world is now flush with unemployed folks jaded with the fact that they’ve never road tripped through bizarre countries they’ve never heard of in an ambulance covered in muppet fur–so they’re expecting a good turnout. If that sounds like you, or someone you know, go ahead and sign up (or sign them up and surprise them for Christmas).

Don’t take my word for it, ask Wikipedia.