Editor’s note: EEVA MAKINEN WORKS as a freelance photographer and wildness guide in Finland. She’s worked for the likes of Visit Finland and recently outdoor equipment brand, Haglöfs. In talking about the ‘filtered’ element of how one’s life may be perceived on Instagram and social media, Eeva decided to share some behind the scenes. Find her at @eevamakinen.


Getting out of your comfort zone is always a good idea. So was this. After my Christmas guiding tour through Finland, I drove all the way to Norway to go camping by myself. By chance, I spotted this isolated beach after stumbling around in the darkness. I made a fire on the beach and sat there for hours with the night for company. That was until the wind picked up. I bounded my tent with ropes and put two packs of wood on top of it to hold it down, still there were times when that wasn't enough. I ended up having to carry my tent back to the car and sleep inside, if I had not, I would have been floating in the Arctic Ocean.


During our excursions, it's imperative to get a good night sleep. But it's not always possible. We did get some sleep during the night when this picture was taken, but it was around 45 minutes rest. This shot was taken in Italy during our European road trip last summer 2015 with my friend Suvi (@dtlsuvi). In Italy, it is illegal to camp anywhere else than in designated camping areas, we noticed there was a parking lot high in the mountains so we sneaked in there. It was not until we had dinner that we noticed how stunning the setting was. Not bad for an accident.


Two of my Italian guests wanted to come camping in Finland. Although I'd never recommend tourists to come over during November, due to the fact that it's really cold and a tad ugly, they had already booked flights. However, this was not a standard week in November. We went hiking in Repovesi National Park and found a peaceful camping spot near this pier. In the evening, we were cooking salmon on a fire and sat under a blanket of stars. Toward the end of the evening, the fog started creeping in and we woke to this view.


My New Year's trip to the wilderness. Sometimes I just love to be here alone so you can really listen to nature and be there with your thoughts. This time, I wasn't really alone. The wilderness hut was actually full of people when I came in at 11pm. I had already given up with the idea of shooting at night when I heard a few guys talking to each other at 2am. "We should go now," said one. I was so stoked! The sky had cleared up, it was a perfect time to get these shots. In the morning, we exchanged some of our content, and look what they did!


Twilight is definitely my favorite time during winter in Finland. The locals in Lapland don't care much for it as the sun never rises above the horizon. But I don't mind. The light is so unique. Every photo you shoot during these conditions is different no matter what you do. This shot was taken in Ylläs at 1pm after dog sledding in -20 degrees celsius. I was focusing way too much of getting a shot and when I fell off from the sled and my dogs ran away. I was tried to catch them by running. What a stupid idea.


Once a year my Australian friend Branka and I meet at a different location in the world and travel together. Last year we went to Canada and started our trip from the beautiful area of Banff. On our first night we got a camping spot at Two Jack's Lake and drove there straight from Calgary airport. I had bad jet lag and as soon as we arrived I went straight to my tent to take a nap. One hour later Branka was shaking me and asking me to get up and find my camera. I tried to tell her I'm not that interested what was going on outside and wanted to fall asleep again. Thanks again Branka for waking me up.


This was shot at Maligne Lake in Canada. Our crew on this trip was a collection of old and new friends from four different countries. New friends, Daniel, and Matt were made through Instagram and it was really nice to meet them in person. Matt had never really paddled before, he was so excited of capturing everything into his camera that he would forget to paddle. I can still hear Daniel shouting "paddle"! with his German accent sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


This photo came about after one more of my crazy midnight ideas to ski for a few hours in the total darkness and heavy snowfall. I knew there was a wilderness cabin but I had never been there before. I could only see one meter in front of me, but I knew the sky would open up in few hours. I found the cabin accidentally. After getting inside I realised there was only one big piece of wood that I needed to chop with the worse axe I've ever used. It didn't really work so I had to turn around the huge piece of wood every 10 minutes and try to keep it going. That fire felt so well-earned!


I just had to shoot this famous Kjeragbolten in Norway. My mom hates me for doing these hikes but I love them. I really do. Once again, getting into this rock was super sketchy and my legs were shaking for quite of few minutes after coming down. It's a 6-hour return hike to go up there so full 3 hours of time to ponder "what if I fall down." It was so worth it.