Skipping rocks, bubbles-blowing, and pugs in life jackets — this is what summer vacation is supposed to look like.

LABOR DAY TRADITIONALLY MARKS the end of summer in the United States. Here in the Eastern Sierra, after what felt like 12 minutes of warmth and sunshine, the days have been rapidly shortening and I’ve already begun excavating my winter coat and boots from storage. I couldn’t have chosen a better time to have watched Matt Wiebe’s “The Weekend Lake.

Wiebe created this film over a long weekend near Kenora, Ontario. Set to an impeccably selected Radical Face song, “The Weekend Lake” pays homage to the summer vacation I wish I’d had time to have.

I’ll be bookmarking this to revisit in a few months, when I’ll undoubtedly be in the middle of a severe spell of vitamin-D deficiency.

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