Matthew Brown‬ was recently announced the winner of{aly}’s first Digital Diary project.

MATTHEW BROWN’S “Dreaming in Italy” was created after just one week on the road in Italy. He, along with six other bloggers and videographers, toured the lesser-known Basilicata region, including several sites I’d never heard of, but now desperately need to visit — Pollino Nature Reserve, Maratea, and Pietrapertosa, to name just a few.

“I was thrust into a fantasy land filled with ancient ruins, untouched earth, stunning scenery that the eyes cannot believe. The wonderful balance of posh and humble settings, and the hospitality by the strangers and warm society of the entire region made me [feel] like I belonged. Like I was at home. The time of my life.” — Matthew Brown

Photo: Caspar Diederik, from

Sponsored by the Agenzia per la Promozione Turistica della Basilicata, the first ever Digital Diary project sent seven young digital storytellers out to create meaningful visual stories:

At a time when tourism marketing has hit rock bottom, the Digital Diary is not taking aerial shots, tacky photoshopped sunsets or using million-dollar testimonials. The approach is decidedly more guerrilla, and all material produced is free of copyright to encourage peer-to-peer diffusion.

View all of their submissions at the Digital Diary YouTube Channel. To participate in the next Digital Diary project, visit{aly} for details and application instructions.