Ecuador's Colorful Wildlife in 11 Stunning Images

Ecuador National Parks Galleries
by Katie Scott Aiton May 16, 2015

ECUADOR MADE GROUNDBREAKING HISTORY in 2008 when it became the first country to recognise Rights of Nature in its constitution. This means that the ecosystem itself can be named as the defendant.

The country is well known for its vibrant plant and wildlife, hosting many local species, such as those found on the Galápagos Islands. From schools of hammerhead sharks to humpback whales, sea turtles, and a rich birdlife, Ecuador sure has a lot to offer for any nature enthusiast.

1. Galápagos Island turtle

Juan Gabriel Ortiz

2. Vine snake strikes

Thomas Haney

3. Whale shark and remoras at Darwin’s Arch, Galapagos Archipelago

Alexander Safonov

4. A butterfly feeding on the tears of a turtle

Dibyendu twipz Biswas

5. Jumping Spider, Cumbayá

Diego Galarraga Sugoniaev

6. Stunning colibri hummingbird taking a drink

Dionys Moser

7. Scalloped hammerhead sharks at Wolf Island, Galapagos

Alexander Safonov

8. Stretching tree frog

Juan Vázquez Mosquera

9. School of eagle rays, Wolf Island, Galapagos

Alexander Safonov

10. Violet-tailed sylphs

Juan Carlos Vindas

11. Orca at Punta Vicente Roca, Galapagos

Xavier Garcia

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