It’s debatable why the Finnish seem to have a knack for the wack; could be their sense of humour or creativity. Or, maybe there isn’t a bloody thing to do there.

Whatever the case, there’s no doubt they provide some serious entertainment to those of us who like things a little out of the ordinary.

Check out the below videos of some of Finland’s craziest contests. If you find yourself in the Land of a Thousand Lakes, do your best to see one of these. I know I will.

Wife Carrying

They say the roots of this “sport” came from the caveman days; when the men used to carry a big club over one shoulder and drag their women by the hair with the other hand. Or at least that’s what cartoons have taught me.

Swamp Soccer

This sport originated in Finland, supposedly by some cross-country skiers who needed some way to train in the summer. Soccer. Swamps. It was an obvious choice.

Air Guitar

Way before Guitar Hero, we were riffin’ along with the likes of Jimmy Page, Kirk Hammet, and Eddie Van Halen. No musical talent required, but a flair for flamboyancy is a must.

This competition is part of the Oulu Music Video Festival.

Mobile Phone Throwing

Everyone’s fantasy at one time or another. Definitely Russell Crowe’s (ba-dum-chhh!).

Winter Swimming

Brrr…I get shrinkage just watching this clip.

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