Would You Swim in This Lake Full of Jellyfish?

Palau Diving
by Matt Hershberger Jun 15, 2014

I made the mistake, a few years back in Belize, of scuba diving without a wetsuit. I wasn’t seriously hurt or anything, but I came out of the water with dozens of stings from tiny little jellyfish. Ever since then, I’ve given jellyfish a wide berth.

So hats off to Nana Trongratanawong, who took this GoPro video of her freediving in Jellyfish Lake in Palau wearing just a bikini. These jellyfish are, in fact, stinging jellyfish, but their sting is relatively mild, and is usually only noticeable on sensitive areas of the body. Still, I’d be wearing a wetsuit if it were me.

If you’re particularly bold and want to give something like this a try, you’ll need to travel to Eil Malk Island in Palau. Eil Malk sits in a rocky, mostly uninhabited archipelago, and this lake is one of several similar marine lakes. Jellyfish Lake is the only one open to tourists, however, and only if you’re planning on snorkeling: below 15 meters are high levels of hydrogen sulfide, which is toxic.

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