As this friendly Canadian points out, the safe in your hotel room might actually be very…unsafe.

I’ll tell you why I don’t mind TSA patdowns:

Because when I travel, I’m constantly giving myself one.

Passport, wallet, keys, tickets, check. Passport? Double check. Quadruple checks are not unheard of.

When I can let go of the panic-inducing responsibility of carrying my passport, I’m very relieved. And typically, I assume that an electronically locking steel box is a good place to relieve myself — to leave my passport, I mean. But after watching this video, I’m not sure I’ll be entrusting my legal lifeline anymore to an object dubiously named a “safe.”

Even if the default safe password isn’t as ridiculously obvious as a string of zeroes, it’s definitely true that there must be some fail-safe (ha!) code for cracking open the lockboxes of perpetually paranoid and forgetful travelers.

Things like criminal-friendly safes can make foreign travel and paranoia go hand-in-hand. But really, that paranoia is just your confidence running on empty. After freaking out enough times because I thought I’d lost my wallet or passport, but really it was just in a different pocket, I started learning to trust my past-self in real time, and as I became more organized and methodic in my important-things-placement I also improved my travel confidence.

I even downsized to triple-checking.

* Feature photo: rpongsaj