Breathe in too deep on this farm and your knees will go weak.

AS PART OF THIS YEAR’S Whidbey Island Farm Tour, I stopped by Marie Lincoln’s Chocolate Flower Farm. This nursery started out specializing in dark-colored flowers and soon expanded to include all sorts of chocolatey goodness, like lotions, soaps, and jams. At a table near the entrance, I tried out a chocolate mint herbal tea, then moved on to check out the chocolate-vanilla swirl and Neapolitan gardens.

The place smells as amazing as you might imagine. But inside the gift shop the scent intensifies tenfold, thanks to Marie’s homemade chocolate candles.


Chocolate Flower Farm, Langley WA

Marie specializes in breeding and growing "chocolate" flowers, like the Nicotiana 'Chocolate Smoke' or the Delphinium 'Kissed by Chocolate.' Most are rare and propagated in small numbers.


Chocolate Cosmos

Many of the plants, like this 'Chocolate Cosmos,' can be purchased at the nursery or by ordering from the online plant catalog.


A chocolate flower

The flowers look good enough to eat, and some of them are. The nursery features a Chocolate French Kitchen Garden with chocolate corn, chocolate bell peppers, and edible chocolate flowers.


Candle making zone

Marie was nice enough to bring me into her candle workshop, located just behind the gift shop, where hundreds of chocolate candles were in several different stages of development.


Candles ready for shipping

Originally, Marie sold the chocolate candles created by a small company called Northwest Reflections. Soon the candles became their best-selling item... even more than the plants.


Votive molds

When the owner of Northwest Reflections announced that he was moving on to glassblowing and would no longer be making chocolate candles, Marie bought the business, renovated the workshop, and got to work making her customers' favorite product herself.


Candle shaving

And this is a woman who takes the phrase "do it yourself" literally. Since buying the candle business, Marie's flowers and candles have been featured on HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, and Martha Stewart Living. In 2008, her candles were named "Best Chocolate Candle" in Paula Deen's magazine - and Marie still makes them all herself.


Candle cutting

For her signature "Essence of Chocolate" pillar candles, Marie offers round, square, and oval in a variety of sizes, as well as votives. She also makes soy wax candles (Essence of Chocolate, Cocoa Havana - a combination of chocolate, Cuban tobacco and bergamot - Lemon Verbena and Whidbey Pine), available in aged terracota pots, glass, or tins.


Trimming the wick

These candles should come with some sort of warning. I lit mine in my kitchen and within minutes was fighting a losing battle against a chocolate chip cookie craving.


Ready for smoothing

According to Marie, the votives are the best selling of all the candles. Her shop also offers chocolate-infused bath and body products, chocolate garden seed kits, chocolate teas, and a dark chocolate raspberry jam (I polished off a jar in about three days).


Breathe it in

The Chocolate Flower Farm is located at 5040 Saratoga Road in Langley, WA. These candles and other products are sold at nurseries and shops across the US, or you can buy online.

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