Icelanders are opening their homes to tourists. No, really.

On October 10th, Icelandic Prime Minister Olafur Ragnar Grimsson addressed his country on behalf of Inspired by Iceland encouraging residents to begin inviting tourists into their homes.

“Now at the beginning of winter, we traditionally see fewer tourists in Iceland,” he says. “This is a development we want to change.”

Icelanders can go to the Inspired by Iceland website and post their invitations, which are already beginning to roll in. Ásdís the librarian wants to discuss literature, and Ása Dóra will escort you on a walk through Bíldudalu, finishing up with Monster soup. Even the Prime Minister and his wife, Dorrit, are inviting visitors over for traditional Icelandic pancakes.

And you can be fairly certain they’re not serial killers, because they’ve also uploaded videos.

Inspired by Iceland President’s Address from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Ah, Iceland…your tourism industry is certainly a beacon of hope in the wake of bankruptcy. I actually think this is a brilliant campaign: for a country renowned for its hospitality, literally marketing the “getting to know the locals” thing is turning a lot of heads.

Ásdís, put the kettle on!