The EdgeWalk of the CN Tower in Toronto has opened.

FROM YAHOO NEWS: The 20 to 30 minute tour costs 175 CAD, and for that cost, you don a stylish red jumpsuit, get strapped into an overhead guard rail, and walk out on a narrow mesh walkway 1,168 feet in the air. A guide is there for help and, well, guidance, and visitors are “encouraged to tiptoe to the very edge of the platform, balance over its rim or peer through the mesh at the pinhead people below.”

“We want to get every adventurous thrill-seeker, and then we want to get everybody who wants to overcome fears and dig down real deep and do something that they never thought in their wildest dreams that they would ever want to do,” said Jack Robinson, the tower’s chief operating officer.

Overcoming his own fears, Robinson has done the walk three times as the tower ramped up a visitor program that formally starts on August 1. “I’m not an adventure seeker,” he said. “But each time it’s different, and each time it’s exhilarating.”

The 1,815 foot CN Tower in Toronto is Canada’s tallest building, and the EdgeWalk cost 3.5 million CAD to build. Macau, China and Auckland, New Zealand have similar activities, but this is the first in Canada. Bookings can be made at the website, and the walk will be open from May to October, weather permitting.

The video here is of the Canada AM news team trying it out. The views do look pretty incredible, but I’m not sure that I could lean myself out over the edge. Would you?

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