The Matador team recently gave away a copy of The Andes, a trekking and climbing guide to South America’s best mountains, in a contest over at Matador Goods.

To enter, Matadorians submitted photos from their trekking and climbing experiences. We here at Trips selected our 6 favorites, including one standout shot that earned its photographer the grand prize.

Without further ado, here they are:


Frozen prayer flags atop Gokyo Ri in the Himalaya

1. Atop Gokyo Ri (17,575ft/5357m), a trekking peak in the Khumbu Himalaya. On the summit, we were rewarded with stellar views of Cho Oyu, the eighth highest mountain in the world, as well as these frozen prayer flags. Deciding to do an unconventional Nepal trek was one of the most rewarding choices I made during my academic semester there back in 2006. Photographer: Alan


Sitting alone on Mt. Rishiri

2. Zazen on Mt. Rishiri, Hokkaido. Photographer: Matador's own Tim Patterson!


Lone hiker on Mount Kenya

3. A man walks alone along a ridge beneath Batian, Mount Kenya’s highest peak (17057 ft). Photographer: Jonny


Trekking in Pisac

4. Trekking in Pisac, Peru. Photographer: Lola Akinmade (No, of course she wasn't eligible to win, but we had to include this great shot anyway!)


Annapurna base camp, Nepal

5. Six days walking to Annapurna base camp in Nepal only to have the view covered by low level clouds. Once they started clearing though the views were unforgetable. And well woth a picture of course. Photographer: Matt Scott


Khopara ridge, Annapurna circuit, Nepal

6. Forget favorite mountain, this has to be one of my favorite spots on the planet: period. Khopara ridge is within a day or two’s trek of the popular Annapurna circuit in Nepal, but only sees 10s of visitors a year. A single rocky trekker’s hut graces the top of the ridge, and lets you sit and contemplate life high above the clouds. Photographer: Andris Bjornson

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