This innovative 20-day program is based on a cruise ship and mixes a range of optional onboard classes with onshore adventure opportunities and service learning projects.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on sailing Central America and the Caribbean with Enrichment Voyages next April, check out the official itinerary.


Scuba diver

1. SCUBA dive Certified divers will have the chance to suit up at the voyage's first port of call, Cabo San Lucas, to visit two world-famous dive sites. Photo: TFC187


Ocean sunset

2. Enjoy the ocean scenery Watch the sun set over the Pacific and the Caribbean with a group of your peers. Photo: dibaer


Running at Chichen Itza

3. Explore ruins Mexico's Chichen Itza ruins are just one of the spectacular archaeological sites you'll be able to visit while docked in Cozumel. Photo: malias


Dolphin kiss

4. Swim with dolphins Participants will get a chance to share the water with dolphins in Acapulco, Mexico. Photo: abardwell


Costa Rica zip line

5. Zipline Several on-land activities feature ziplining, perhaps the most exciting way to learn about the rainforest canopy. Photo: Beth and Anth


Young student

6. Work with children Volunteering at a community school in Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala, is one of many service opportunities being offered. Photo: Tonari no Totoro



7. Bird watch The jungles that cover much of this region make for some world-class bird watching. Photo: Walter Rodriguez


Lago Atitlan

8. Witness extreme landscapes Guatemala's Lago Atitlán is over 1,000 feet deep and flanked by three volcanoes. Photo: gramz


Cost Rica rafting

9. Go rafting While the ship is in port at Puntarenas, Costa Rica, head inland to raft the Rio Corobici. Photo: upton



10. Snorkel Pretty much anytime the boat stops on this voyage, you'll be able to grab snorkel and fins and jump in. Photo: Romeocat



11. Combine sightseeing with beach time Both are readily available at the site of Tulum on the Mexican coast. Photo: Mr. Theklan


Girl, Antigua

12. Meet a culture The Colonial Antigua Humanitarian Tour explores a region with a strong Mayan heritage in Guatemala. Photo: lifeabundantly


Sunset over Puntarenas

13. Watch spectacular sunsets This photo was taken near Puntarenas, Costa Rica, one of the ports of call. Photo: kansasphoto


Horse on the beach

14. Ride horseback on the beach Guided tours are available along the coast of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. Photo: mikebaird


Poás National Park

15. Make memories Chances for taking great photos (like this one in Poás National Park, Costa Rica) and building new friendships will be endless. Photo: thestevelau

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