These sculptures range from fun to freaky and might just make you look twice.

Eyeless Head

This sculpture in Krakow's main square is hollow and people like to pose inside, peeping from the empty eye sockets.Photo: art makes me smile


Goslar Nailhead

Goslar, Germany, hosts a statue of a flat head with nails driven through from both sides.Photo: hmboo


Vampire Children

Detail from a statue outside the Monkey Forest Temple in Ubud. Photo: Shawn Allen


Woman Suckling Deer

To see this statue in real life, you'll have to go to Fengdu, China.Photo: >>> Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids


Romulus and Remus

This statue appears in many versions around the world, and depicts a she-wolf nursing two brothers who would later go on to found Rome.Photo: Chrissy Olson


Statue of Liberty Tribute

This is not the Statue of Liberty you know. Her proportions are unusual, as is what she holds in her hand. Taken in a sculpture park outside of a museum in Moscow. Photo: MelvinSchlubman


Giant Hand

Chile's Atacama Desert is home to this giant hand in the middle of nowhere. Photo: felixion


Handstand Planter

In Java, Indonesia, this planter stands feet over head.Photo: basibanget


Mannequin Pis

A diminutive statue of a boy in Brussels that attracts thousands of visitors, and has spawned a riot of knock-off swag, including corkscrews. Photo: BJ Carter


The Mask

You can find this mask in the Gardens at Versailles.Photo: Sébastien Barillot


Parable with Skull

In the Prague castle, a sculpture by Jaroslav Rona.Photo: Adam Jones, Ph.D.


Empty Suit

Another statue by Czech sculptor Jaroslav Rona, this one representing Kafka and erected at the edge of Prague's Jewish district.Photo: tinou bao


Peter the Great

This disproportionate statue of Peter the Great at Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg has a polished right finger from so many visitors rubbing it for good luck.Photo: Carlo Alcos


Giant Spider

A giant spider looms outside of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Photo: hallom



Siren is Marc Quinn's $2.7 million solid gold statue of supermodel Kate Moss.Photo: Simon Goldberg


Trapped Cat

Near Nagahama Hachimangu shrine in Japan, this cat is perpetually trapped.Photo: M shades


Nightmare Vision

This photo was taken in Birmingham, UK, in Centenary Square.Photo: left-hand


Girl on Fence

At night in Budapest.Photo: Lola Akinmade