Rom Srinivasan shares 16 colourful shots from a trip through the jungles and mountains of Ecuador.

Egg at the equator

They say it's easier to balance an egg when you're right on the equator.


Banos, Ecuador

The town of Baños, also known as the "Gateway to the Amazon." It's set into the hillside of Tungurahua, or the "Black Giant," Ecuador's largest volcano.


El Manto de la Novia

El Manto de la Novia falls near Baños. It's one of the many falls along the Ruta de Cascadas, a popular cycling trail.


Laguna Quilotoa

Some hikers climb up from Laguna Quilotoa (elevation 12,841 ft), a water-filled caldera and the westernmost volcano in the Ecuadoran Andes. There are over 25 active and extinct volcanoes in Ecuador.


Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Agua Santa

The Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Agua Santa in Baños. The church was built in Gothic style out of volcanic rock from Volcan Tungurahua.


Highland farmers

Farmers in the highlands of Ecuador practice soil conservation in cultivating steep slopes in order to improve production within a sustainable framework.


Young girl in the Highlands

A young girl in the highlands of Ecuador, hoping for some candy from the nice tourists.


Amazon rain forest

A lodge in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, looking fresh after a sudden downpour.


Baby monkey

A woolly monkey baby makes himself at home on the shoulder of a young Canadian tourist. This one was rescued from a bus accident. The monkey, not the tourist.


Cotopaxi national park

The lodge at the entrance to Cotopaxi National Park. Cotopaxi, reaching a height of 19,347 ft, is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world.


Small fishing village

The small fishing village of Puerto Lopez, set on the east coast of Ecuador.


Isla de la Plata

Isla de la Plata, also known as the "Poor Man's Galapagos," was all this, um...poor, tourist could afford.


Blue-footed boobies

Blue-footed boobies on Isla de la Plata. Their nesting grounds are all over the island, and sometimes right on the walking paths.


Snake fight

Two snakes battle over a lizard on Isla de la Plata. You won't see this on the Galapagos.


Amazon guide

A local guide, leading tours up the tributaries of the Amazon.


Fire dance

A performer puts on a fire dance near the top of a hill overlooking Baños. On clear nights from this spot you can see mini lava explosions from the active volcano of Tungurahua.

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