The Togian Island of Kadidiri

[Editor’s note: You can meet the coolest folks through Couchsurfing: A couple of months ago I hosted a German couple, Sebastian and his wife, Marina. It turned out Sebastian is a hell of a photographer. He was nice enough to share some images from his recent trip to the Togian Islands, an archipelago formed by volcanic activity off the coast of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. The photos below are from Kadidiri, one of these islands.]


Wooden ferry

This small wooden ferry took us to Kadidiri (16 hours overnight). Here we made a short stop at a small island to unload supplies for the locals. It takes about three days to go to the mainland, buy the goods, and return.


Village market

This is the village at the harbour, photographed from the deck of the ship. Today was market day on main street.


In the ferry

he two girls next to us on the ferry had fun looking at us and laughing at our "long noses".


View from the bungalow

Finally, after 18 hours we arrived at Kadidiri. This was the view out of our bungalow. The coral reef started two meters out.


B&W sunset

We had great sunsets with awesome colours and tones in the sky and on the water.


Spear fishing

A daily ritual: hunting for lunch and dinner. The "head" of the family we stayed with made his own spear gun with pushbike-tubes, bamboo, coconut wood, and "metalstick". His goggles were homemade too.


Three local boys

Three boys from a small village on the next island passed by in their small boat to catch some nemos for fun ("because they look so nice", they said). After some time in a plastic bowl they set them free.


House on stilts

A fisherman village on a neighbouring island, where the school is also. We made a trip there to visit the family's youngest son and to watch a soccer game.


Soccer match

GOOAALL!! The kids celebrated like superstars when they scored a goal while the girls watching from the sidelines screamed and cheered. They take the game very seriously...they totally ignored us.


Boy at the door

A shy little boy peeking out with a skeptical eye at the "long-nosed" white strangers.


Crowd of kids

When the game was over we were surrounded by the kids. Not many tourists come to the “school island.” They wanted to be photographed and to practice their few English words on us. It was a great time with a lot of laughing and smiling.


Relaxation time

Postcard moment -- enjoying the shade of a palm tree and reflecting on our visit to this beautiful part of the world.