ON ZANZIBAR, you find an intriguing fusion of Portuguese, Arab, Indian, and East African customs, culture, and architecture. What draws most tourists, however, are the white-sand beaches and some of the best snorkeling in the world.

These pictures offer only a glimpse of the diversity that exists on the island but are representative of what a typical traveler might experience during a day on Zanzibar.

This article was originally published on October 23rd, 2009


Dhow fishing boat

A traditional Arab vessel called "dhow" sails across the reef off the eastern coast of Zanzibar. Image by Mouser Williams.


Local girl

A young girl havests seaweed, one of Zanzibar's key exports. Image by Alf Storm.


Cows on the beach

Herds of cattle come to drink from the salty ocean, as fresh water is a scarce commodity on the island.


Muslim women

Women, dressed according to local Muslim custom, walk on the beach. Image by Rod Waddington.


Meat Market in Stone Town

The meat market is a crowded place with a powerful smell. Taking pictures in this environment was difficult, and my camera was not always welcomed. Image by Mike McHolm.


People of Zanzibar

Three generations of Zanzibaris people-watching in Stone Town. Image by Georgie Pauwels.


Fish market in Zanzibar

A variety of marine animals (including a moray eel) are auctioned off inside the fish market. Notice the variety of hats and caps worn.


Children of Zanzibar

Kids playing around in Stone Town, Zanzibar's old city. Image by Irene2005.


Fisherman in Stone Town

A popular fisherman makes his way home from Stone Town harbour. Image by DJ Hoogerdijk.


Sting ray for sale

Fresh fish are for sale at the harbour. Sting ray seems to be a popular alternative.


Slave trade memorial

Slave trade memorial - from 1811 to 1873, a slave market existed in Stone Town. It was the hub of the slave trade for all of East Africa, and more than one million souls were bought and sold during that time.


Dhow at sunset

The dhow is an iconic feature of Zanzibar and we never tire of it. Image by Missy.