Santa gets around. Merry Christmas, Matador!

Surfing Santa

1. Surfing São Pedro do Estoril, Portugal Read more: Matador surfing focus page Photo: Miguel Cachapa (on Flickr here)


Santa and reindeer

2. Völkendorf, Villach, Austria Read more: Austria’s Bierschwimmbad Helps You Absorb Beer in a New Way: Through Your Pores Photo: Outburner


Santa in a gondola

3. Canals of Venice Read more: Sightseeing in Venice for (Almost) Free Photo: fabianguiza


Santas and the Washington Monument

4. National Mall, Washington, D.C. Read more: Urban Volunteering: Washington, D.C. Photo: Erman Akdogan


Santa on the swing

5. World Carnival Hong Kong Read more: 7 Reasons to Study Abroad in Hong Kong Photo: tom@hk | 湯米tomhk


Santa hat on the dock

6. Dominican Republic Read more: Travel Guides for the Dominican Republic Photo: knightbefore_99


Santa and child

7. South Africa Read more: Matador South Africa focus page Photo: Axel Bührmann


Georgia Aquarium

8. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Read more: Where to Find Righteous Pizza in Atlanta, Georgia Photo: Rishi Menon


Operation Santa Claus

9. Doing good in Alaska Read more: How to Get Work On An Alaskan Fishing Boat Photo: DVIDSHUB


Football match, Buenos Aires

10. Buenos Aires Read more: Matador’s Favorite Spots in Buenos Aires, Argentina Photo: quino para los amigos


Santa in the lookout tower

11. On watch, Switzerland Read more: Nude Hiking in Switzerland: Legal or Not? Photo: Kecko


Santa in the airport

12. International Terminal, Madrid-Barajas Read more: 20 Best World Airports to Be Stranded In Photo: My bro-in-law