Travel photographer Alex Blauhorn reports from his home of the moment: the Indonesian island of Bali.

Indonesia is formed by more than 17,000 islands — Bali is one of them, but different from the rest. This is a Hindu island in a Muslim country. Its culture and way of life are unique, with seemingly every action marked by a series of ceremonies and offerings to the divine.

Popular impressions of crowded beaches full of bintang-drinking tourists can be accurate in places, but are easily forgotten away from the coast. Here, the green fullness of rice paddies takes over. The central town of Ubud is where many artists and woodcarvers live, and where I shot most of the following images.


Jatiluwih, Bali

Panoramic view of the Jatiluwih rice paddies, a Unesco-protected site.


Temple bathing, Bali

A young girl bathing in holy water at the Tirta Empul temple.


Rice farmers, Bali

Balinese farmers planting rice in one of the many paddies of the island's interior.


Balinese mask, Bali

Portrait of a mask used in a traditional Balinese dance.


Payangan sunset, Bali

Sunset seen from Payangan.


Balinese farmer, Bali

Balinese farmer plowing the paddies in the traditional way.


Jungle scene, Bali

Sun rays light up a dam in the middle of the jungle.


Ulun Danu temple, Bali

The temple of Ulun Danu at Bedugul.


Lake Batur, Bali

Kids fishing in Lake Batur.


Kuningan festival dance, Bali

A traditional dancer performs during the Kuningan festival.


Parade, Bali

The ceremonial procession is a common sight in Bali.


Purification, Bali

A family bathes at Tirta Empul.


Religious offerings, Bali

Three women present offerings during a religious ceremony.


Father and son, Bali

A father enjoys a Balinese ceremony with his son.