Photographer Allison Heiliczer makes a pilgrimage to India and captures insight with the lens.

“Mumbai, Udaipur, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Agra, and New Delhi were my formal destinations, yet my journey was not visible on any map.”


1. Outside the local news store, this man immerses himself in text.


2. In the Mumbai train station, she finds temporary shelter in the “Ladies Only” section.


3. Done daily outdoors, Mumbai’s laundry is out for public viewing. By day’s end, all has been washed, dried, and cleared, leaving space to start again tomorrow.


4. Our search for tigers in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve was to no avail until we spotted this jeep. We followed it off-road and encountered two tigers and their cubs.


5. At sunrise, the Mumbai flower market overflows with color and scent. When I turned the corner and saw the market for the first time, I found my India.


6. Udaipur -- India's City of Lakes -- is magical by boat.


7. Before praying, these gentlemen conversed about local politics. They eagerly invited me to join the conversation.


8. Their eyes invited me to take this photograph. They were more real and profound than any formal invitation.


9. Waiting for the bus, these Hindu women hope to find space aboard. If not, it'll be a two-hour wait for the next one.


10. Rajasthani women, dressed in the colorful style of the region, support their wares in the scorching sun and find refuge only in each other's shadow.


11. Three snakes and three charmers in Jaipur.


12. Welcome to the Taj Mahal. Viewed this way, its magnitude and beauty are highlighted by the astounding number of visitors.


13. After driving in the monsoon from Jaipur to Agra, this sunset perspective on the Taj Mahal awaited me from my terrace.