Some cool shots of 17 of the the longest, tallest, most artful bridges on the planet.

STAY TUNED TO TRIPS in the coming weeks for the second volume of this photo essay concept.


Millau Bridge, France

From the photographer: "The new Millau Bridge is considered to be the world's tallest. One of the pillars reaches more than eleven-hundred feet into the air, making it more than 50 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower."Photo: tibchris


Puente Nuevo, Spain

Three impressive bridges span the gorge that cuts through the southern Spanish town of Ronda. The "new bridge" is the most dramatic.Photo: papalars


Runyang Bridge, China

Part of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, crossing the Yangtze River. Fourth-longest span in the world.Photo: sjiong


Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, USA

At just under 24 miles, this one goes deep into water world.Photo: Joe Shlabotnik


Tower Bridge, London

The Tower Bridge, just one of 214 connectors to be built across the River Thames, is the most photographed landmark in the most photographed city in the world.Photo: Trodel


Kawazu Loop Bridge, Japan

A bridge in a Japanese mountain valley with spiraled entry and exit ramps.Photo: TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)


Incheon Bridge, South Korea

Providing new road access to Seoul's Incheon International Airport, the bridge is both long (13 miles) and tall (756 feet). It's shown here before its October 2009 completion.Photo: Ryan Wick


Khaju Bridge, Iran

The Khaju Bridge, made up of 23 stout arches, was built in 1650 and connects two quarters of the old dynastic capital of Isfahan.Photo: jeffmcneill


Donghai Bridge, China

For two years after its completion in late 2005, the Donghai Bridge was the longest cross-sea bridge in the world.Photo: Wikipedia


Puente de la Mujer, Argentina

The condo-ified Buenos Aires port barrio of Puerto Madero is home to this artistic pedestrian bridge.Photo: Jorge Lascar


Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

A good place to watch Sydney's New Year's fireworks display, with the harbour bridge as its focal point, is from Cockatoo Island.Photo: coquetboy


Forth Railway Bridge, Scotland

Dating to 1890, the first British bridge to be constructed of steel, and still the second-longest cantilever bridge in the world.Photo: Brian Forbes


Rialto Bridge, Italy

The oldest and most famous bridge across the Grand Canal in Venice.Photo: llamnudds


Bosphorus Bridge, Turkey

This bridge spans the Bosphorus Strait, connecting Asia and Europe in Istanbul.Photo: Tambako the Jaguar


Erasmus Bridge, Netherlands

Pictured above is the large main pylon of "The Swan" bridge in Rotterdam.Photo: on1stsite .


Kintai Bridge festival

16. Kintai Bridge, JapanA 5-arch wooden bridge, built in 1673 below the mountaintop Iwakuni Castle.Photo: Kyle T. Ramirez


Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Tilt-shift of the iconic Golden Gate in San Francisco.Photo: TenSafeFrogs

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